• Time For a Change!​


    Time For a New Point of View... MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER!
    On October 22, Vote Peter Crystal for Ward 1 Councillor in Cambridge!


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    Hello Cambridge!

    My name is Peter Crystal. I'm a down home Cambridge boy... born and raised in Cambridge for over the past 50 years. I am a third generation family man, raising a fourth generation with my wife Dulcie in one of the finest cities in south west Ontario.

    I work from Cambridge as a proud business owner of a local printing and promotional advertising company for over the past 28 years and I am also an active Licensed Realtor in the Community.

    I have an extensive education in Business Administration along with contract negotiation and finance as well as sales and marketing and graphics design expertise.

    I am an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and have worked with numerous charities and charitable organizations, events and festivals locally over the past 25 years in Cambridge and the surrounding region.

    I have honed my people skills for over 30 years and feel I would make an excellent choice For Your Ward 1 Councillor.

    I represent Integrity and Change... you need a councilor who is honest, forthright, accessible and works for You! I would be honoured to work for you and offering a “New Point of View... Moving Forward Together.”

    VOTE Peter Crystal – Your CRYSTAL CLEAR choice for Ward ONE!

  • Voter Information


    Election Day is October, 22, 2018


    Advance Poll Details:


    October 3

    4pm to 8 pm Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)

    October 6

    10 am to 6 pm at Hespeler Arena and

    Preston Auditorium - 9 am to 5 pm at Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)


    October 10

    4pm to 8 pm Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)


    October 13

    10 am to 6 pm at Hespeler Arena and

    Preston Auditorium - 9 am to 5 pm at Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)

    Online Voting opens October 9th at 10 am

    (Online Voting closes October 22 at 7:59 pm)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of City Services do we have and how do I report any problems? 


    The City of Cambridge has a virtual map as well as detailed information as to the services that are provided by the city and how to report problems.

    Find out more by going to this link.

    Where do I find out who is running in the 2018 Municipal Election and learn more about the candidates? 


    The City of Cambridge has a list of the certified candidates eligible to run in the 2018 election along with links to their contact information. Click here to go to the site.

    Are there any referendums on the ballots this year? 


    YES. This year, there will be a new question on the ballot in regards to Ranked Ballot voting. Voters will be able to select either yes or no as to whether they would like to have this new method of voting for the 2022 Municipal Election. The municipality is still required to hold an open house and a public meeting before passing a by-law to use ranked ballots. Learn more about Ranked Ballot Voting, by clicking here.

    What type of government are we and what are the responsibilities?


    Cambridge is part of a shared two-tier municipal structure which was formed by combining Counties to join rural and urban areas in recognition of growth and to share services. The Region is responsible for Public Health, Social Services, Housing, Police, Provincial Offences Courts and more, and area Municipalities like Cambridge are responsible for Fire Services, Recreation and Parks, Cemeteries, Animal Control, Wastewater collection, Snow Removal, Building Inspections and Water Retail and more. The Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region has put together a more detailed list that can be viewed by clicking here.

    Am I already registered to vote?


    In order to vote, you must be registered.

    See if you are on the voters list by clicking here.

    How do I find out which ward I live in?


    The City of Cambridge offers a link on their website to help voters determine the ward in which they live. Click here.

  • Contact Peter Crystal

    Got questions? Send me a message or give me a call!

    Cambridge, Ontario
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    Peter Crystal

    for Ward 1 Councillor